Life ina Metro

Growing up online and offline in an Indian city

Welcome to the IT boom city of Pune.

Welcome to the IT boom city of Pune.

Just a three-hour drive from Mumbai, what once used to be a small, sleepy town is now one of India's fastest growing cities.

Alongside a flourishing IT industry, Pune is home to many educational institutes, giving it the nickname 'the Oxford of the East'.

For most young people in Pune, it is through the smartphone that they first experience the internet.

Leapfrogging over the desktop computer and the laptop, young people form the driving force behind India's digital revolution.

With 241 million active users, India now has the highest number of Facebook users in the world and an even bigger untapped reserve.

70% of India’s population is yet to come online.

Meet Rohan.

Rohan is a twenty-year-old computer science college student in Pune. The son of a shopkeeper of a small stationery store, Rohan comes from a traditional, Marathi, lower middle class family.